WEEK TWO – “The Busy Week”

WEEK TWO (Teams are serving in Easterville, Grand Rapids, South Indian Lake, Thompson, York Landing and Deschambault)

One Hundred Balloon Animals in Grand Rapids
Week Two will be the busiest week of the summer for Andrew and myself!  This summer there are 39 Vacation Bible Schools (VBS) conducted by LAMP.  Seventeen of these are in my area of Northwestern Manitoba and Northeastern Saskatchewan.  There were six of these VBS’s this week in Easterville, Grand Rapids, South Indian Lake, Thompson, York Landing and Deschambault.  Andrew and I enjoyed visiting the teams in each of these communities and lending a hand whenever we could.  

Andrew lends a hand in York Landing


Hours of preparation by each team and the LAMP staff went into each VBS, and one only has to look into the faces of the children to see that it was all worthwhile!


The cornerstone of our summer ministry is the VBS.  This year, we are teaching the children about God’s grace.  Through stories, song, crafts and games, northern children are shown how much the Lord loves them.  

Community Dinner and "Garage Sale" in Deschambault (all items only cost a quarter)

Many of our teams also have youth programs, women and men Bible studies, and often there are events that include the whole community.  There has been many times of great joy, but have also times been ministry opportunities where members of the teams were called upon to pray for and encourage those who are facing a variety of trials, struggles and difficulties.  

By the end of this week, we will have completed eight of our seventeen programs.  We praise the Lord for what He has accomplished over the past two weeks.

Over the next few weeks, it would be wonderful if you would keep us in your prayers. Please pray:

For the safety of the teams and LAMP staff as we travel around the North.
That our planes function well through the summer so that we can visit all of the communities
That the children have a wonderful (and safe) time learning about God’s grace.
That the Holy Spirit will touch men, women, youth and child, and lovingly draw them to Himself.
That the teams (and staff) will be healthy and encouraged

Thank you for your continued prayers.  May you also have a wonderful and blessed summer.

Gord Gilbey

(If you would like to support LAMP's work in Northwestern Manitoba and Northeastern Saskatchewan please refer to www.lampministry.org) and note/memo 'for missionary Gordon Gilbey.'


  1. I enjoyed reading your blog and seeing the photos of the children enjoying themselves. It is SO worth it!!


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