Kim and I would like to thank you all for your ongoing prayer and support.  On May 22, I experienced my first emergency landing.  Now don’t get me wrong, if you have to do this type of landing – this is the best scenario to have.  As we were climbing after take-off from Flin Flon when Andrew noticed that the plane was handling funny, and that the landing gear was not fully retracted.  He unsuccessfully tried to engage the landing gear.  This was the most stressful moment, when I looked out the window and did not see any wheels there.  As a precaution, Air Traffic Control called out the emergency vehicles which were located 20 minutes away in Flin Flon.  As we approached the landing strip, Andrew was able to reset the breaker, and lower the landing gear (PTL).  I felt quite relieved to have wheels under us, but we still had to follow a number of other procedures and hold our collective breaths.  It was reassuring to me that there were many redundancy systems in place and that Andrew is…

March Newsletter

2018 IS HERE, AND GORD IS ALREADY ON THE ROAD! Rocky and I just spent a week on the roads of Northern Manitoba visiting the communities of Grand Rapids, Thompson, Pikwitonei, Flin Flon and Cormorant.  We were also able to connect with folks from Leaf Rapids, Moose Lake and South Indian Lake.  The weather was extremely cold, but the people were warm and welcoming.  When I arrived in Thompson, I realized that I did not have a proper parka (I'm such a city boy!), but I was able to get an incredible deal at Canadian Tire at 73% off (PTL)!  The following day it was -43C (no wind), and the next day it was -51C with wind chill.  I was (somewhat) warm and toasty. PLANES, TRAINS AND AUTOMOBILES! LAMP is blessed to serve the remote communities of Northern Manitoba.  In order to get staff and teams to these communities, we literally use planes, trains and automobiles.  Even when there is a road, sometimes it is only one by definition only.  This is a picture of the ice road into Pikwitonei - M…

November Newsletter

September and October proved to be incredibly busy months!  Three times each year I visit or touch base with all of the 17 communities in my area (spring, summer and fall).  During these visits I establish and build relationships with the community leadership so that they can be served in the most effective manner.  Additionally, in the spring I make arrangements for the summer ministry; in the summer I visit the teams as they conduct their various programs; and in the fall I check with the community to see how everything went during the summer and begin making arrangements for the following year.

It was unanimous!  As I was doing the autumn follow-up, it became very apparent that the leadership in each community were thrilled with their team's ministry and are looking forward to seeing them again next year.  All of the teams were fantastic! Gift of Jackets for the North - Samsonite Canada graciously donated around 900 new jackets to be distributed among those who are of need. It wa…

October Newsletter

Welcome to my next season of serving Christ through LAMP!  After faithfully serving as the Executive Director of Missionfest Manitoba for fourteen years, the Lord chose to shake up my life and called me to northern missions through LAMP.  My duties include building relationships with seventeen communities in Manitoba and Saskatchewan.  This entails the recruitment and positioning of teams in each of these communities who will provide a number of programs which will proclaim the hope of the Gospel and strengthen the Christian presence in the Canadian North. SUMMER 2017 - My first summer was absolutely amazing!  I felt the Lord smiling as each of the teams soared as they conducted their summer ministry programs.  There were many, many fantastic moments during the summer.  The teams conducted a Vacation Bible School (VBS) in each of the seventeen communities.  There were also a numbe…

WEEK TWO – “The Busy Week”

WEEK TWO (Teams are serving in Easterville, Grand Rapids, South Indian Lake, Thompson, York Landing and Deschambault)

Week Two will be the busiest week of the summer for Andrew and myself!  This summer there are 39 Vacation Bible Schools (VBS) conducted by LAMP.  Seventeen of these are in my area of Northwestern Manitoba and Northeastern Saskatchewan.  There were six of these VBS’s this week in Easterville, Grand Rapids, South Indian Lake, Thompson, York Landing and Deschambault.  Andrew and I enjoyed visiting the teams in each of these communities and lending a hand whenever we could.  


Hours of preparation by each team and the LAMP staff went into each VBS, and one only has to look into the faces of the children to see that it was all worthwhile!


The cornerstone of our summer ministry is the VBS.  This year, we are teaching the children about God’s grace.  Through stories, song, crafts and games, northern children are shown how much the Lor…


WEEK ONE (Teams are serving in Wollaston, SK AND Leaf Rapids, MB)
After months of planning, LAMP Summer Ministry 2017 begins! During April and May, Andrew and I were able to visit most of our communities to ensure that all is ready for the teams when they arrive. We flew many miles, met lots of people and even did an illusion show in Deschambault, SK. 

I arrived back in Flin Flon on June 28th, and Andrew joined me the next day. The temporary Northern Manitoba LAMP office is now open! Our prayer is to visit each team in their community to provide them with whatever they need to make their ministry a success in the Lord’s eyes.

What is success in the Lord’s eyes? – The answer to this question is quite complex because it would be different for each community, team and team member. However, if you approach any task prayerfully, thoughtfully and with sensitivity – you will indeed please the Lord.

So the key word for this summer is . . . TIME. Take time to pray and listen to the still, s…
My name is Gordon Gilbey, and I have just began the next season of my life serving as a missionary with Lamp Ministry (  After graduating from Canadian Theological Seminary with a M.A. in Religion (high honours), I served as Executive Director of Missionfest Manitoba for 14 years.  The Lord called me out of the ministry that I loved so much in order to do something completely different.

LAMP is a cross-cultural ministry sharing Jesus Christ with God’s people in remote areas of Canada.  I have a long history with LAMP, volunteering on VBS teams and as photographer and illusionist.  The VBS’s were located in Cat Lake, Ontario (three times), Fort Alexander and Churchill.  Plus I have visited many other communities in Northern Manitoba and Saskatchewan. Currently there are 17 communities in my jurisdiction which are capably ministered to by 17 teams from Canada and United States.  Our teams make a five year commitment to their community and will visit durin…